H1 Monitoring

Monitoring helps to control the functions of the respective H1 dust suppression system. Thanks to the many options available, monitoring can be optimally adapted to the needs of the respective system.


  • Electric switchboard in AISI304 or in poly-carbonate
  • Software functions: Timer, weekly program, visualization of data, complex calculations, working cycles, system monitoring (water pressure, temperature, clogged filters, faults), selection of lines, timing selection, pump maintenance, etc.
  • Human-machine interface: Push buttons, key-operated switch, emergency stop button, back-lit display, IP67 industrial touchscreen, tablet/smartphone control via WiFi and LAN.
  • Interfaces to existing systems: Modbus RTU, digital inputs (e.g., start/stop), digital outputs (e.g., activated cycle, alarm, etc.)
  • Control systems: Push buttons, wired remote control, wireless remote control
    Controllable devices: Pumps, valves, blowers, lights, etc. are controllable in any combination of cycles
    Signalling devices: Light, siren, buzzer, LED
    Sensors: any analogue or digital sensor can be used – in particular: Pressure sensors, flow rate, humidity and temperature sensor, weather stations and dust monitors.