UEB – Air Knives


UEB air knives produce a high impact laminar jet of compressed air. They are fully adjustable and precisely engineered with a special design based on the Coanda effect, the natural tendency of a fluid jet to be attracted to a nearby surface. The air blade coming out through their side slot follows the radiused profile and leaves the blower body with a 90° angle from the original direction. The negative pressure brings in a 20 times bigger wind volume allowing a high energy saving. They offer an excellent drying performance and eliminate static electricity.

Length: 150, 300, 450, 600mm
Thread: 1/4″
Max pressure: 7 bar
Materials: V7 Aluminium, Electroless nickel plated, AISI 316

Typical applications: Water removal from surfaces, Flocks and water blow off, Water removal before stick and print