Fog 40 Misting Pump

Simple and effective

Fog 40 is the most effective solution for cooling, humidifying, creating special effects and controlling dust and odours in small areas. The system can be connected to both 360° and in-line cooling systems and can be conveniently controlled from a distance by remote control.

Advantages of Fog 40

  • The pump works without valves, plungers, seals and oil
  • Equiped with support feet and handle and can be wall mounted
  • Remote control with a 30 meter range
  • Reduced maintenance costs by up to 80%

2 models available

  • ZX.8062 – Fog 40-70 – 70 L/hour, 10-35 0.15 nozzles, 40 bar pressure.
  • ZX.8063 – Fog 40-150 – 150 L/hour, 25-75 0.15 nozzles, 40 bar pressure.

Technical features

  • Frame: mate of powder coated galvanized plate
  • Motor-pump: 1450 Rpm, 230V-50Hz with volumetric vane pump
  • Lp Solenoid: 230V-50Hz, inlet water
  • Hp Solenoid: 230V-50Hz, discharge the line
  • Lp pressure switch: lack of water
  • By-pass valve
  • Control panel: Thermal on/off switch, continuous operation or on/off mode, preset for connecting external devices
  • Remote: 30 meter range