Fog 40 360 Misting Kit

The cloud of well-being

Fog 40 is the most effective solution for cooling, humidifying, creating special effects and controlling dust and odours in small areas. The Kit Fog 40 360 uses a fan that is situated at a height of 2.5 meters and sprays microscopic water droplets at 360°, forming a cloud approx 6m diameter (30m²). The water evaporates as it falls towards the ground without wetting objexts or people and lowering the temperature in the surrounding area.

3 kits available

  • PC.KF402 – 2 fans covering 60m²
  • PC.KF404 – 4 fans covering 120²
  • PC.KF406 – 6 fans covering 180²

Fog 40 360 tech data Fog 40 360 Misting Kit