E – Spiral Nozzle


E series spiral nozzles work on the impact principle, by the deflection of a water stream that impacts onto a spiral profiled surface which provides the desired spray angle. These are one-piece nozzles with no internal vane and a wider free passage. The liquid inlet has nearly the same size as the outlet orifice diameter. Their special design makes them virtually clog-free and produces a wider spray coverage than other nozzles for a given flow and pressure. The capacity values on darker background can be obtained with metal nozzles only, plastic materials being too weak to assure structural nozzle resistance in harsh operating conditions. If the capacity values you are looking for are those on darker background, we recommend to chose metal nozzles for their longer operating life.

Spiral nozzles work on the impact principle by deflection of a water stream onto a spiral surface which generates a continuous spiraling liquid curtain. The spray droplets do not have the same even distribution that is produced by other types of full cone nozzles, however they possess other features such as:-

1. the spray angle is maintained even at very low pressures and when spraying high viscosity liquids
2. because they don’t have a vane in them they are virtually clog free
3. they produce much smaller droplets than standard full cone nozzles
4. they are available in the widest range of materials of any nozzle type

Connection: 1/4″ to 4″ BSP
Spray angles: 60°, 90°, 120°, 150°, 180°
Capacity: 5.5 – 4120 L/min
Material: AISI 316L, Brass, PVC, PP, PVDF (Kynar), PTFE (Teflon*), Hastelloy C276

Typical applications –
Gas cooling: Exhaust scrubbers, Desulfurization, Cooling
Other applications: Spray of chemicals, Fire prevention and fire suppression

Data sheet: Spiral full cone nozzles type E

PS ZRA swivel joint 150x150 E   Spiral Nozzle

ZRA swivel joint assembly

PS ZPM Metal pipe clamps 150x150 E   Spiral Nozzle

ZPM Metal pipe clamps

Nozzle spools 150x150 E   Spiral Nozzle

Nozzle lances and spools

Spray bars and manifolds 150x150 E   Spiral Nozzle

Spray bars and manifolds