D – Large Capacity


D series full cone nozzles with large capacity are widely used in industry. The provide uniform spray coverage and are available in various thread sizes, spray angles and capacities to comply with environmental requirements. Their X-vane offers the largest free passage available in a nozzle, for an easier handling of the suspended particles and a higher resistance to clogging. D nozzles provide an optimal mist effect and are effective in many industrial applications.

Connection: 3/4” to 4” BSP
Spray Angles: 60°, 90°, 120°
Capacity: 23.5 – 1470 L/min
Material: AISI 303, AISI 316L, Brass

Typical applications –
Washing: food cleaning, parts cleaning, pre-treatment for coating process
Cooling: continuous casting cooling, product cooling, tank cooling
Dust control: dust suppression in mining and coal plants.
Other applications: spray of chemicals, leak test.

Data Sheet: Full Cone Spray Nozzles, Type D

PS ZRA swivel joint 150x150 D   Large Capacity

ZRA swivel joint assembly

PS ZPM Metal pipe clamps 150x150 D   Large Capacity

ZPM Metal pipe clamps

PS VEM large capacity filters 150x150 D   Large Capacity

VEM large capacity filters

Spray bars and manifolds 150x150 D   Large Capacity

Spray bars and manifolds