BX – Cone Tip


BX full cone tips produce a uniform full cone shaped spray with a round impact area. Thanks to their design they can be easily disassembled and cleaned in case of clogging. These nozzles have an X-vane safely secured inside their body up to 3/8″ thread size. Sister products with a 3/8″ female thread are also available. In the steel industry spraying nozzles fixed on the water pipes can be easily damaged during the manufacturing process. PNR can offer the ideal solution to this problem, the BJ series nozzles designed according to customers’ requirements. If welded tips are out of use, you can use BJ nozzles instead of BX. They have the same technical features and jet length.

Spray angle: 60°
Capacity: 1.49-7.43 L/min
Materials: AISI 303, AISI 316, Brass

Typical applications
Washing: steel cleaning, parts cleaning, pre-treatment for coating process
Cooling: continuous casting cooling, product cooling, tank cooling
Dust control: dust removal in mining and coal plants
Other applications: spray of chemicals, leak test

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