AT – Tangential


AT series nozzles are full cone nozzles producing a high and strong rotation of the liquid. There’s no vane inside the whirl chamber which has free internal passages and for this reason these nozzles are less prone to clogging. Moreover, a specially designed tip placed at the bottom of these nozzles increases their atomizing effect. The design of AT nozzles allows a uniform spray distribution and increases their operating life by 20%.

Connection: 1/8″ to 1″ BSP
Spray angles: 60°, 90°, 120°
Capacity: 2.3 – 122 L/min
Material: AISI 303SS, AISI 316L, Brass

Washing: Exhaust scrubber, Parts cleaning, Pre-treatment for coating process.
Cooling: Gas cooling, Tank cooling
Dust control: Remove dust flying in mining and coal plants.
Other applications: Spray of chemicals, Fire engineering

Data sheet: Tangential full cone nozzles type AT

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