VP Minor Tank Cleaner

Pre-programmed VP Minor Tank Washing Machine.BronzeMinor VP Minor Tank Cleaner


The VP Minor is a pre-programmed twin nozzle Tank Washing Machine which is very simple in design and operation ensuring easy maintenance. The VP Minor can either be used for portable or fixed use on crude oil, multi-product or chemical tankers. The VP Minor is available in stainless steel and bronze and has a maximum jet length of 14.6m.

This unit is suitable on both small and medium crude oil tanks, chemical tanks and product tankers and is also available as a mud machine specifically designed for mud tank cleaning.

Key Features


  • Wash pattern is of orbital, progressive intensity to meet IMP Annex II pre-wash requirement standard.
  • Nozzle sizes from 7mm to 18mm.
  • Offered with either ‘sealed for life’ or media lubricated drive to ensure no cargo contamination.
  • Automatic ‘slip-clutch’ to prevent accidental damage in use.
  • Simple to service with the use of high performance long life gears.
  • Alternative flange (up to 180mm Ø) and fixings available.
  • Fully approved by class societies worldwide. Type approvals by: –


VP approvals 300x98 VP Minor Tank Cleaner