Alba Misting System

It’s like having a sea breeze in the heart of your garden. Comfort and elegance even in outdoor furnishings. When life smells of well-being. The allure of a new lifestyle in an unusual breath of breeze. The ennobled Enjoy: the contemporary equivalent of meditation and pleasure, of ease and freshness, of lighting and relaxation. The entire outdoor collection Enjoy your Life represents an absolute novelty: Alba shines thanks to the attention to details of the finishings and, above all, thanks to the lighting provided by LED lamps.

Standard equipment:
–    Electric motorpump F25
–    White painted wooden support base
–    Fan with ring of 6 anti-drip fog nozzles
–    Analogic timer, to set pause/work cycles
–    30L tank, 10h autonomy with time pause 10”/work 5”