Fortress Food Grade Hose

Fortress 300 Food Grade Wash Hose

A high-quality construction for hot water up to 200˚F (93˚C) cleanup service in food processing plants, dairies, packing houses, bottling plants, breweries, canneries and creameries. Its super abrasion and oil-resistant cover provides maximum protection against the adverse effects of oil and animal fats. The cover of our Blue Fortress® 300 hose incorporates Microban® antimicrobial built-in product protection. The white tube is comprised of FDA-compliant materials.

Tube: White FDA-compliant nitrile synthetic rubber
Cover: Blue Carbryn™ synthetic rubber, RMA Class A (High Oil Resistance) with Microban anti-bacterial product protection
Reinforcement: Spiral synthetic yarn

Temperature Range: -20˚F to 200˚F (-29˚C to 93˚C)

Max pressure: 20 bar at 93°C
1/2″ – 12.7mm ID x 22.8mm OD
3/4″ – 19.1mm ID x 30.2mm OD
1″ – 25.4mm ID x 38.1mm OD

Standard assemblies (other lengths on request): –

GYF-1/2X15 ASSY – 15m x 1/2″
GYF-1/2X20 ASSY – 20m x 1/2″
GYF-1/2X35 ASSY – 35m x 1/2″
GYF-1/2X40 ASSY – 40m x 1/2″
GYF-1/2X50 ASSY – 50m x 1/2″
GYF-1/2X60 ASSY – 60m x 1/2″

GYF-3/4X6 ASSY – 6m x 3/4″
GYF-3/4X13 ASSY – 13m x 3/4″
GYF-3/4X20 ASSY – 20m x 3/4″
GYF-3/4X30 ASSY – 30m x 3/4″
GYF-3/4X40 ASSY – 40m x 3/4″
GYF-3/4X50 ASSY – 50m x 3/4″

GYF-1X8 ASSY – 8m x 1″
GYF-1X15 ASSY – 15m x 1″
GYF-1X25 ASSY – 25m x 1″
GYF-1X30 ASSY – 30m x 1″

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