When you have a lot of cleaning to do, grab the Giant!

Some cleaning jobs need a lot of water. There’s just no getting around it. So to improve efficiency and reduce cleaning times, you need a high flow spray device.

High Volume Heavy Duty Hose Nozzle Web When you have a lot of cleaning to do, grab the Giant!

Just arrived in Australia, the new Giant High Flow Spray Head can deliver 200 l/min at 2 bar and up to 370 l/min at 7 bar. It can handle brackish water with ease and is chemical resistant.

Made from a combination of AISI 304 Stainless Steel and Polyoxymethylene (also known as Acetal or POM) with an EPDM rubber grip, the Giant High Flow Spray Head is tough and hardwearing. Yet it can deliver a highly accurate spray without effort. Simply twist the head to set a targeted spray to remove or unclog stuborn material or twist further to achieve a 60° conical spray.

The Giant can handle water temperatures up to 40°C and weighs 726 grams which is fairly light-weight for such a powerful spray head.

Designed in Europe, the Giant High Flow Spray Head is distributed exclusively in Australia by Tecpro Australia. It is ideal for cleaning applications such as:
 Dairies and stables
 Abattoirs
 Mining
 Sheep and cattle sale yards
 Truck washing
 Marine applications

Tecpro is Australia’s leading provider of industrial quality wash down guns, heavy duty hose nozzles, stainless steel hose reels and spray nozzles. Their large range is backed by a team of experts to provide you with the information you need to make the right selection for your situation.

For more information or to order the Giant High Flow Spray Head, contact us now!

Posted on 09-Aug-2019