Tank cleaning head with real grunt!

New to Australia – a self-propelled cleaning head engineered specifically to clean large tanks and closed containers. In fact, it is purpose-designed for situations requiringA300R Tank Cleaning Head Web 300x258 Tank cleaning head with real grunt! high pressure and high volume tank cleaning to eliminate very difficult to remove products.

The Italian designed and manufactured A300R tank cleaning head provides 360° coverage and is more cost-effective than other heads of comparable size.

Made from AISI 303 stainless steel, the A300R Cleaning Head has an impressively high-pressure rating of 70 Bar (1015 PSI).

It achieves a water flow rate of 100-300 l/min depending on the nozzle fitted and can tolerate water temperatures up to 90°C. As a result, the A300R Cleaning Head has the ability to remove difficult products from the largest tanks or closed containers.

While it has only been available in Australia for a short time, the A300R Tank Cleaning Head is proving to be exceptionally useful in cleaning road tankers or fixed vessels in industries such as mining, chemicals and transportation.

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Posted on 23-Apr-2021