Retractable tank cleaner overcoming shadowing

In some manufacturing industries, scum lines and shadowing from mixing blades or internal pipework make tank cleaning difficult. But with the aid of a new type of retractable tank washer, these issues are overcome.

The UKD Retractable Tank Washer can be placed on the top or along the sides of a tank without interfering with the mixing blades. The reason is, only the hollow cone washing head is located within the tank while the rest of the unit sits outside the tank wall.Retractable Tank Washers Web 300x182 Retractable tank cleaner overcoming shadowing

Using a pneumatic drive, the washing heads move through the tank to target every hard to clean area. The unique design of the Retractable Tank Washer also allows for additional, short cleaning cycles to be programmed into the usual cleaning sequence. These shorter cleaning cycles can be used to target the underside of internal mixing blades, scum lines or other difficult to reach areas in each tank.

By using these short cleaning cycles, a concentrated volume of water can be focused for greater cleaning impact. In addition, multiple short cycles can be programed to provide concentrated cleaning, as many times as required, over difficult points.

The UKD Retractable Tank Washer is made from AISI 316L Stainless Steel and EPDM. The cleaning head is fixed with a tri-clamp for easy access for servicing. The standard hollow cone washing heads have a 100 l/pm capacity at 3 bar but customised designs are available.

This new type of tank washer is suitable for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing, dairy, brewery, winery or food and beverage industries. In fact anywhere that uses mixing tanks as part of the manufacturing process.

The UKD Retractable Tank Washer is designed and manufactured in Italy and is exclusively available in Australia and New Zealand from Tecpro Australia.

Since 1982, Tecpro has provided reliable and cost effective technical solutions for a vast range of industrial applications. Their team of engineering supply experts can provide specialist advice for any application.

To learn more about the new UKD Retractable Tank Washer or to see Tecpro’s complete range of spray nozzles, contact us today!

Posted on 17-Aug-2020