Perfect for cleaning IBCs & Small Tanks

If your business relies on IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) or small tanks, you will want to know about a new, compact and highly efficient IBC cleaner.A30R IBC Cleaner 300x298 Perfect for cleaning IBCs & Small Tanks

By using the cleaning water to drive rotation, the new A30R Hydrokinetic IBC Cleaner doesn’t require oil or grease. This provides 2 vital advantages over other IBC cleaners:

  1. By using the cleaning water rather than oil or grease, the risk of contamination is avoided.
  2. The cleaner itself requires minimal maintenance because of its clever design. This will reduce downtime and save you money.

The A30R Hydrokinetic IBC Cleaner has a 360° rotation thanks to its drive assembly and turbine design. It uses 3 injectors on a planetary gear to produce low speed and high torque in a highly compact unit.

As the A30R doesn’t require oil or grease, it’s ideal for industries where the risk of contamination and spoilage needs to be minimised such as:

  • Food & beverage manufacturers
  • Wineries
  • Breweries
  • Cosmetic manufacturers
  • Council and agricultural uses

Designed and manufactured in Italy using AISI 303 stainless steel, the A30R Hydrokinetic IBC Cleaner is resistant to harsh chemicals. It can work with water temperatures up to 90°C and water flows between 10-30 l/min – making it extremely water efficient.

All hydrokinetic heads are pre-set and tested at the factory to ensure they will be compatible with the water flow and pressure rates at your facility. So to ensure you are using the most appropriate hydrokinetic head to suit your application, talk to the team at Tecpro Australia.

Tecpro is Australia’s leading provider of cleaning heads and nozzles for all applications. Their large range is backed by a team of experts to provide you with the information you need to make the right selection for your situation.

For more information on the A30R Hydrokinetic IBC Cleaner, contact Tecpro Australia Today!

Posted on 31-Jan-2020