New tank mixing eductor requires less space to deliver greater mixing power

Mixing tanks come in a variety of sizes and for small and shallow tanks it can be challenging to find a mixing eductor that fits. But now there’s a solution with the introduction of a new ovoid-shaped eductor. Better yet, the space saving design does not compromise on performance and can reduce energy consumption due to its design efficiency.ovoid tank mixing eductor 300x300 New tank mixing eductor requires less space to deliver greater mixing power

Using a unique venturi design, the UPB ovoid-shaped eductors can circulate large volumes of tank solution using a smaller pump. In fact, the Italian designed UPB eductor can circulate 4-5 litres of solution for every litre pumped.

The UPB ovoid mixing eductors are installed at the bottom of the tank and are suitable for a variety of uses including mixing chemicals, suspending solids, adjusting pH and “sweeping” debris or sludge towards a filter intake. These eductors are maintenance free as they have no moving parts. The pump is installed outside the tank providing easy access for servicing and maintenance.

The new ovoid UPB eductors come in 2 different chemically resistant materials – a neutral PVDF or a combination of polypropylene with 30% fiberglass (referred to as PP). They also come with a choice of 3 different internal free passage sizes – 3mm, 4mm or 5mm.

The PVDF version is suitable for temperatures up to 90oC while the PP version can accommodate temperatures up to 80oC. The number of eductors required in each tank will depend on the characteristics of the application and the required turnover rate.

The UPB ovoid mixing eductors are designed and manufactured by PNR Italia and are exclusively available from Tecpro Australia. There are many different types and styles of eductors for tank mixing in the marketplace; let Tecpro’s technical consultants advise you on the right style, size and number of eductors for your application. Contact us today!


Posted on 22-May-2020