New Improved V22 Dust Controller

Improved V22 Dust Controller Web 300x200 New Improved V22 Dust Controller


When the original, Italian designed and manufactured V22 Dust Controller arrived in Australia, it was widely regarded as one of the most innovative and versatile dust suppression solution

s available. But the latest model of the V22 has changed industry expectations again.

Like its predecessor, it is possible to use the new V22 Dust Controller with salt or saline water without risk of rapidly corroding components.  It is completely mobile using water sourced via a water truck or submersible pump in a dam or other source and is highly water efficient.

However, the new V22 Dust Controller has several important improvements over the original model.

First, it is much smaller, making it easier to transport and integrate into existing systems. In addition, the new V22 Dust Controller now has 3 different water consumption rates and fan speeds, so you can adjust the spray according to the amount of wind and/or dust being generated. It also has a faster rotation speed throughout the 360° programmable oscillation angle range.

The V22 Dust Suppressor is ideal for suppressing dust over large areas such as open cut mines, ship loading facilities, recycling or composting plants and landfill sites. It has a throw range of 80m with 90% saturation (without wind).

Its unique, patented nozzle head which is incorporated into the rotating fan, and outer nozzle ring generate a fine atomised mist which binds the dust particles to prevent them from spreading. Yet the V22 is quiet – emitting just 70dBa at 20m.

The V22 Dust Controller continues to be the only dust suppression unit that can use salt or saline water and it’s  exclusively available from Tecpro Australia. They are the Dust Suppression Experts with 35 years’ experience in providing dust suppression solutions for a wide range of industries.

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Posted on 14-Sep-2018