Mobile fog disinfection system providing simple, flexible solution for business

It’s clear, increased attention to hygiene will continue to be part of our daily lives. This includes cleaning and disinfecting areas where groups of people come together – such as workplaces, shops, cafes, restaurants and public transport.Sani move 279x300 Mobile fog disinfection system providing simple, flexible solution for business

SANI-MOVE is a new system designed to provide a practical and simple solution to thoroughly disinfect small-medium sized premises and vehicles. It’s compact and mobile consisting of an:

  • Easy to maneuver trolley
  • Stainless steel tank with the capacity to hold 9 litres of disinfecting liquid
  • Built-in compressor and
  • Ultrasonic atomising gun to produce fine droplets of disinfection solution

Ultrasonic atomising guns mix the disinfecting liquid with compressed air to create small droplets. These droplets then hit a resonator cup which produces sound waves the human ear can’t detect. This process shears the droplets into even smaller droplets (or fog) that are only a few microns in size – perfect for uniform, widespread distribution of the disinfecting liquid.

The SANI-MOVE operator is able to adjust the air pressure and percentage of atomised liquid to meet different hygiene needs without leaving residues on surfaces or fabrics. Due to the tank’s size, SANI-MOVE can operate for 50 minutes on a single tank with consumption of the liquid disinfectant at a low 0.18 l/min. To operate, simply fill the tank with the operator’s selected chemical at the chemical manufacturer’s recommended dilution rate. Then plug SANI-MOVE into the nearest powerpoint and pull the trigger to fog over the desired areas.

Not only is the SANI-MOVE disinfecting system suitable for small-medium sized premises and public transport, it’s also a very practical solution for disinfecting incoming freight or luggage and vehicle cabins which are used by multiple drivers.

SANI-MOVE is designed and built in Italy and is exclusively available from Tecpro Australia.

Tecpro is a specialist engineering supply company. Their team of Technical Consultants provide expert advice on a wide range of applications including disinfection systems.

For more information on the SANI-MOVE system or the other disinfection solutions in the constantly evolving Tecpro range, contact Tecpro today!

Posted on 02-Jun-2020