Meeting the challenge! Mirror polished eductors for ultra-hygienic manufacturing

When a pharmaceutical manufacturer needed mirror-polished tank mixing eductors for 3 new tanks, they knew it would be a challenging request.

After putting it out to tender, they found only one specialist engineering supplier who truly understood their requirements and could provide exactly what they needed. That was Tecpro Australia.Mirror Polished Eductors 1 Web 300x221 Meeting the challenge! Mirror polished eductors for ultra hygienic manufacturing

The challenge

A pharmaceutical manufacturer was commissioning 3 new 57,000 litre tanks. These tanks measured 6m high x 3.5m diameter.

Each tank required two tank mixing eductors with an integrated insertion lance. To meet the exacting hygiene standards of the manufacturing process, the eductor and lance required mirror polishing internally and externally. The minimum required surface finish specifications were 0.8 microns RA. Specialised hygienic clamp fittings were also required to prevent any bacterial build-up.

The solution

Tecpro had to get creative in order to achieve the required mirror polish finish! Small sections of the insertion lance were cut, mirror polished internally and externally, then welded back together.

Before the tank could be commissioned, the materials, surface polish and weld points were all inspected and certified as achieving the required ultra-hygienic standards. All 3 tanks are now operating.

Tecpro Australia are specialist engineering suppliers who work across a broad range of industries. They provide off-the-shelf solutions as well as design, fabrication and consulting expertise for customers requiring unique solutions like the ultra-hygienic, mirror polished eductors and insertion lances for this project.

If you are looking for specialist engineering solutions for your project, contact the Tecpro team here today!

Posted on 02-Jul-2021