Marine Fuel Hose Reels – Tough environments need tough equipment

Tough environments need tough equipment. How the right choice keeps marine refuelling wharf looking good, 5 years on

In September 2015, Birkenhead Point Marina underwent an extensive refurbishment which included their marine refuelling wharf.Birkenhead Point Marina Hose Reels Update Web 2 300x233 Marine Fuel Hose Reels   Tough environments need tough equipment

As part of the refurbishment, the Marina’s management team were looking for fuel hose reels to accommodate their fuel hoses. They needed to be easy for marina staff to use, retractable and corrosion resistant to accommodate the refuelling wharf’s harsh environment which is surrounded by salt, wind and the bay itself.

They asked Tecpro Australia for assistance. Our recommendation?

Spring Retracting Hose Reels constructed from AISI 316 Stainless Steel because these reels:

  • Are ATEX certified for use in transferring flammable fuels
  • Complete 316SS construction provides the greatest resistance to the salt environment
  • Lock into place to ensure a safer, neater work environment for the Marina’s staff and patrons
  • Are Italian design and manufactured to ensure the fuel hose reels are high quality and aesthetically pleasing

When they reopened, the management of Birkenhead Point Marina featured the refuelling wharf and its hose reels on the Marina’s website! But for Tecpro, the most exciting news is to see that the refuelling hose reels are still looking good 5 years later.

How do we know?

A member of the Tecpro Australia team recently visited the Birkenhead Point Marina and checked how the fuel hose reels were performing. To our delight, they are still looking shiny, new and are performing well. But that’s what you should expect when you ask Tecpro for assistance – a product recommendation that’s built to last, fit for purpose and suitable for your specific application.

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Posted on 13-Nov-2020