Low Flow, Lightweight & FDA Approved Water Gun

Available in stainless steel or a brass and stainless steel combo, the Blue Princess washdown gun uses 26% less water than regular washdown guns. It’s also lightweight – a real benefit for cleaning Blue Princess SS Washdown Gun web 256x300 Low Flow, Lightweight & FDA Approved Water Gunteams where washdown guns are constantly in use.

But don’t be misled by its dainty name. The Blue Princess washdown gun is extremely durable thanks to its rugged construction, sturdy hinge joints and dual internal seals. In fact, it’s suitable for use with a wide range of chemicals and comes with FDA approved EPDM seals.

The Blue Princess has a carefully designed nozzle tip to provide even water distribution that is simple to adjust from a wide cone to a narrow point. This versatile spray direction allows the user to easily clean in tight corners or remove stubborn material. The revolutionary nozzle design also provides a perfect spray pattern without dripping, which yields even greater water savings.

The Blue Princess uses less than 20 l/min of water @ 4 bar. It can tolerate water temperatures up to 95°C and maximum water pressures up to 25 bar.

But the Blue Princess is more than functional. It’s also extremely comfortable with its velvety soft rubber surface, trigger grip, compact size and light weight. Take cleaning to a royal standard with the Blue Princess!

The Blue Princess washdown gun is exclusively available from Tecpro Australia. They have the largest range of washdown guns in Australia and New Zealand. For more information or to investigate other water saving washdown options, contact Tecpro today!


Posted on 13-Feb-2020