Keep dust under control with the H1 Swing

H1 Swing Dust Suppression System Web 300x200 Keep dust under control with the H1 SwingThe bigger the site, the more dust or odour there is to control – especially in the mining, bulk handling and waste transfer business. The challenge lies in how to install an efficient dust suppression system quickly so it won’t interfere with operations.


Tecpro Australia has the solution with the H1 Misting System. Its modular design means it can be scaled up or down to suit any sized application. In addition, the System can be pre-assembled at the factory to reduce on-site installation time.


The H1 Misting System is highly flexible so it can be tailored to the requirements of each situation. Complete turn-key systems can be made out of a number of components including fixed location pumps, mobile pumps on trailers, sensors, monitors and the H1 Swing – the most advanced atomising head in the world!


Manufactured in Italy by emission control experts EMiControls, the Swing spray head moves from side to side enabling it to cover up to 500m2 (without wind). Its AISI304 stainless steel construction means the H1 Swing is robust and boasts a water and dust protection rating of IP55.


The Swing produces a high concentration of 10 micron mist droplets which attract and abate breathable dust particles from 0.1 up to 1000 microns. This also makes it an effective option for odour control applications. Yet the H1 Swing Misting System is water efficient consuming a relatively small 15 l/min for the large area it can cover.


Originally designed for wetting down haul roads, the H1 Swing has also been effective in suppressing dust from ROM bins, hoppers and at waste transfer stations.


For more information on the H1 Swing Misting System or to arrange a dust suppression audit and strategy consultation, contact us today!

Posted on 01-Aug-2018