Is your drinking water produced using Water Certified Nozzles?

Certified filter nozzle Web 300x286 Is your drinking water produced using Water Certified Nozzles?You may be surprised to discover that not all drinking water filter nozzles are safe to use because they can contain contaminants or can modify the chemical properties of the water passing through it.

In 1999, the French Health Authorities decided to take action. They wanted to ensure “pure” drinking water remained so after passing through the filter nozzle. So they introduced a rigorous safety standard to prevent drinking water contamination caused by plastic filter nozzles.

The purpose of this Certification is to ensure the suitability of all plastic products that come into direct contact with drinking water intended for human consumption.

To gain certification, products undergo meticulous screening and testing before any accessory or component will be granted Water Certification status. As part of the testing process, products must demonstrate they are incapable of modifying the organoleptic, physico-chemical and microbiological properties of drinking water.

Over the years, one Italian company, ILMAP, has stood out as a leader in the design, production and supply of water filter nozzles made from thermoplastic material. As a testament to their product quality, the entire range of ILMAP plastic filter nozzles have undergone testing and been awarded ACS Water Certification.

Tecpro Australia has a large range of water filter nozzles in both plastic and stainless steel to suit most applications. Tecpro’s highly knowledgeable and experienced team is always available to provide advice and assist in customising nozzles to suit your purpose.

If you are designing a new filter or even upgrading an old filter used in the production of drinking water, cover yourself against the risk of contamination by ensuring you use nozzles that have ACS (Attestation de conformité sanitaire) Water Certification.

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Posted on 10-May-2018