Improved Wastewater Evaporation – E46 Evaporator

Commonly used in desalination plants, mining operations and decontamination applications, evaporation ponds are designed to efficiently evaporate water using sunlight and ambient temperatures. But nature can’t always work as fast as industry desires and that’s where the E46 Floating Evaporator can help.

E46 Floating Evaporator 1024x576 Improved Wastewater Evaporation   E46 Evaporator

Rapid evaporation rates depend on high temperatures, low relative humidity and high wind speeds. Evaporation is also affected by the salinity of the water with rates decreasing by about 1% for every percentage increase in salinity.

The E46 Floating Evaporator is designed to increase the natural evaporation rate by at least 10-12 times the speed of nature. It even includes the option of a weather station so you can automate when the evaporator is in operation – depending on environmental conditions.

It works by pumping water through specially designed and patented nozzles which use the Venturi Principle to draw air into the water stream to produce water droplets which evaporate more readily. The nozzles’ unique design also minimise drift of contaminated water droplets outside the perimeter of the pond.

The Floating Evaporator has 4 HDPE UV stabilised pontoons and a stainless steel lifting frame. Each nozzle is also HDPE to cope with hazardous ambient and corrosive liquids. The Floating Evaporator is modular so multiple units can be used in the same pond to achieve rapid evaporation.

The E46 Floating Evaporator is only available from Tecpro Australia who holds the exclusive distribution rights in Australia. Contact the team today to discuss your evaporation requirements.

Posted on 12-Apr-2019