Effective Dust Control – a worker with a hose just won’t do!

When it comes to large scale demolition projects and remote mining locations, dust control is a major issue. Even if there is water available, a guy with a hose can create enormous problems with wastage, mud and water pooling.Nautilus dust contol unit 1024x724 Effective Dust Control   a worker with a hose just wont do!

There’s also the issue of following environmentally sustainable practices. Sydney already has water restrictions with Melbourne, Brisbane and Darwin expected to follow. So it’s important to be waterwise while avoiding a cost blow-out.

The Nautilus autonomous dust controller has just arrived in Australia and it’s solving the problem of dust suppression – cost effectively and quietly.

This new dust abatement system includes the popular and super quiet V12s dust controller as well as a generator and water tank. The all-in-one unit is mounted on a platform and designed to fit on any truck with a 6m loading ramp. It’s also available in a number of trailer configurations with water tanks of varying sizes.

That means the Nautilus is easy to transport between projects and ideal for sites without water and electricity supplies.

The Nautilus’ dust abatement turbine is the world’s quietest – operating at a noise emission of 60 db(A) within a 20m radius at the silent fan setting. That’s quieter than the average dishwasher. But don’t be fooled by its quiet operation, the turbine has 2 speed levels to spray fine water mist from 25-65m.

The amount of water used by the dust abatement turbine can be controlled by remote control and has 3 different waterflow levels – ranging from 16-100 l/min. The Nautilus turbine produces a very fine water mist that clings to dust particles but doesn’t create pooling. This makes life easier and safer for personnel and machinery.

The Nautilus all-in-one dust abatement system is exclusively available from Tecpro Australia – an award winning consultancy in the area of dust control and odour suppression. Based in Vineyard NSW, Tecpro provides reliable technical solutions for a vast range of applications. For more information, contact the Tecpro team now.

Posted on 14-Jul-2020