Dry Fog Technology Achieves High-Quality Mushroom Crops

As every commercial mushroom grower knows, accurate temperature and humidity controls are imperative throughout every growth stage to ensure a high quality crop.

Mushrooms don’t have a barrier between their surface and the air as they have no skin. Comprised of 90% water, they will dry out and shrink quickly if the humidity levels are too low. On the other hand, too much moisture can lead to ‘watery’ mushrooms.Dry Fog Humidifier Kit Web 1024x684 Dry Fog Technology Achieves High Quality Mushroom Crops

Enter the AKIMist Dry Fog Humidifier Kit. This DIY Dry Fog Humidifier uses world-leading technology to produce an ultra-fine “non-wetting” Dry Fog with a mean droplet size of 7.5 microns. This droplet size is much smaller than “misting” solutions. This is important because the ultra-fine, Dry Fog droplets allow increased humidity without creating dampness in mushroom growing facilities.

In fact, the Dry Fog spray droplets are so fine they remain intact without bursting when they come into contact with objects such as the mushrooms, walls or people, to ensure all surfaces remain dry.

The highly modular Dry Fog Humidifier Kits allow the addition of more units to increase the area to be humidified or to generate faster humidity. The flexible design allows the spray to be focused in different directions while being very water efficient with a spray capacity of 2.4 to 9.6 litres per hour. The high-quality economical Dry Fog Humidifiers are designed and made in Japan and sport a cute, compact design.

The AKIMist Dry Fog Humidifier Kit is also energy efficient. Using a pneumatic spray nozzle, its running costs are 1/5 the costs of a typical steam humidification system.

One kit can cover up to 800 square metres with humidity levels monitored and regulated by a control unit. The DIY kit includes the humidifier, control unit, water unit and piping unit. Installation by a plumber or professional is not required.

If you would like to investigate whether the highly efficient AKIMist Dry Fog Humidifier Kits are appropriate for your application, contact us today!

Posted on 24-Jan-2019