Custom coloured hose reels for clear identification

Lilac Hose Reels Web Social 300x200 Custom coloured hose reels for clear identificationLilac coloured taps and hoses can be found wherever recycled water is used. But until now, there hasn’t been a hose reel to match. When a water treatment plant in Victoria, Australia asked Tecpro Australia if they could produce hose reels to match their recycled water hoses, the answer was a definite “yes!”

You might be surprised to learn there are literally dozens of different types of hose reels, depending on your industry. For example, there are hose reels that transfer compressed air, diesel and AdBlue, oil and grease lubrications, fuels like petrol, aviation fuel and natural gas.


There are also hundreds of different configurations for hose reels including manual rewind, motor driven, slow retractable and heavy-duty mining hose reels. And they all come in various styles to suit different hose sizes, lengths and pressures. There are even food-grade speciality reels!


But if you need something specific, Tecpro Australia can produce a customised solution like the Lilac coloured hose reels for the water treatment plant or multi-coloured reels to match your corporate colours. That’s why Tecpro is one of Australia’s leading hose reel suppliers.


If you are looking for any type of hose reel or a hose reel that comes in a particular colour, contact us today.

Posted on 29-Jun-2018