Coating nozzles eliminate disruptions for Sydney pharmaceutical company

Producing tablets with an easy to digest coating was causing significant disruption to a Sydney-based pharmaceutical company. During production, there were issues with obtaining an evenTablet Coating Nozzles 2 300x208 Coating nozzles eliminate disruptions for Sydney pharmaceutical company coating. In addition, the nozzles were habitually jamming – requiring frequent cleaning and replacement. As a result, production was inefficient and there was recurrent downtime.

The nozzles had to be replaced!

The pharma company enlisted Australia’s experts in spray nozzle engineering, performance and design for help. The consultants at Tecpro Australia suggested a new type of tablet coating spray nozzle that uses cutting edge technology to deliver a highly controlled film coating onto solid dosage products.

Using enhanced aerodynamic properties to minimise air turbulence during coating, and the latest in anti-bearding technology, these spray nozzles are designed to reduce maintenance and cleaning time whilst improving spray coverage and distribution.

Called Mk III, the new tablet coating spray nozzle components are manufactured in 316L stainless steel and inspected at every stage to ISO9001 standards. They offer easy to adjust, variable air atomised spray width to minimise the risk of over-wetting while maintaining the optimum nozzle distance from the tablets.


Tablet Coating Nozzles 1 300x200 Coating nozzles eliminate disruptions for Sydney pharmaceutical companyThe range includes spray nozzles from 0.8mm – 1.8mm in size which delivers between 50 – 150 ml/min (depending on size). The nozzles are suitable for viscosity ranges from 5 – 350 MPa. Seals come in a choice of silicone, EPDM or Viton.

As an initial trial, the Sydney pharmaceutical company purchased 4 x Mk III nozzles for one of their machines. They were so delighted with the tablet coating results, they have now replaced their old nozzles in all their coating machines.

Tecpro Australia represents some of the world’s leading spray nozzle manufacturers. If your requirements cannot be met with one of their standard products, they can design and produce customised spray nozzles to achieve your desired outcome.

For technical expertise which you can rely on, contact Tecpro Australia today.


Posted on 22-Jun-2021