Automatic disinfection system at workplace entrances helps keep staff and visitors safe

As we start to return to work and school with concerns about a second wave, there is a new disinfection system available to protect staff and visitors as they enter your premises.Disinfection Tunnel Web Automatic disinfection system at workplace entrances helps keep staff and visitors safe

New from Italy is the Disinfection Tunnel. It’s a temporary outdoor awning that extends from your regular building entrance. Its purpose is to automatically spray a disinfection solution which is harmless to people, clothing and bags, but deadly to bacteria and viruses.

There is no sensation of wetting and no pooling of liquids around the area because the nozzles emit a fine water mist that is deposited on all surfaces, before quickly evaporating.

Would a Disinfection Tunnel help your staff and visitors feel safe as your business returns to normal?

The Disinfection Tunnel is designed for use in front of a variety of entrances such as airport terminals, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, businesses and public buildings such as libraries, galleries and museums. It can also be used at the entrances to events, fairs, public swimming pools etc.

The standard dimensions of the Disinfection Tunnel are 2.5m (H) x 1.5m (W) x 3m (L). However, these dimensions can be adapted to fit your needs and the architecture of your entrance.

The Disinfection Tunnel can be assembled in approx. 15 minutes. Simply connect it to your main water supply and a power outlet. Included with the Tunnel are:

  • A waterproof, robust tarpaulin
  • Stainless steel supports
  • A line of stainless-steel spray nozzles
  • High pressure fogging pump
  • 5L canister to hold the disinfectant
  • An automatic dosing pump
  • Switching cabinet with light sensor and time relay to ensure the whole system works automatically and efficiently

The Disinfection Tunnel also includes a water filter to protect the nozzles and pump from blockages. The disinfectant is automatically added to the water by the dosing pump to quickly kill viruses, bacteria and fungi. Yet it is completely harmless to people and the environment.

The Disinfection Tunnel is designed and manufactured in Italy by EmiControls and is exclusively available in Australia from Tecpro Australia.

Tecpro is a specialist engineering supply company backed by a team of Technical Consultants who provide expert advice on a wide range of applications – including disinfection solutions.

For more information on the Disinfection Tunnel or the other disinfection solutions in the constantly evolving Tecpro range, contact one of our technical consultants today!

Posted on 15-May-2020