Attention plumbers! Stop wasting time manually rewinding your hose

Have you ever considered the amount of time you spend manually rewinding your high pressure hose? Let’s say it takes you 7 Ramex Composite Hose Reel Web 300x300 Attention plumbers! Stop wasting time manually rewinding your hoseminutes a day and you work 48 weeks a year. That’s 28 hours a year.

Now imagine what you could do with those 28 hours. Then there’s the effort involved in manually rewinding the hose – especially on a warm day. And that’s assuming you don’t use your high pressure hose more often.

Like to save time and effort?

There is now an affordably priced, Italian designed automatic hose reel that was built to make your day easier and more productive.

The Ramex Automatic Hose Reel is a compact, heavy-duty hose reel designed to accommodate 15m and 30m high pressure hoses.

The springs are German-made to provide a consistently smooth action and extra high quality. The Composite Automatic Hose Reels come in your choice of a stainless or painted steel finish and are available from Tecpro Australia.

Regardless of the finish you select, every Automatic Hose Reel from Tecpro is designed with your comfort, safety and ease of use as a priority. They are also built to last and are affordably priced.

So knock off early! You’ll easily make up the time once you have a Ramex Automatic Hose Reel. Checkout the Tecpro website for more information or to purchase the Ramex Automatic Hose Reel contact us today!

Posted on 27-Feb-2020