A flexible, mobile cleaning solution for your IBC tanks

IBC Cleaning Package Web 300x200 A flexible, mobile cleaning solution for your IBC tanksIntermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are flexible, moveable (and often recyclable) industrial containers that are used in thousands of ways every day. So they need an equally flexible, mobile cleaner to remove every trace of residue left behind after each use.

The high pressure, hot water IBC Tank Cleaner from Tecpro Australia offers the complete IBC cleaning package. Its galvanised roll frame and pneumatic wheels makes it easy to move from one IBC to another.

It also has the option of manual, high pressure cleaning using a hose gun for the outside of the tank or the automatic tank head with its set and forget function for cleaning the inside.

The Tecpro IBC Cleaner uses high pressure hot water and can be safely dosed with cleaning chemicals if required. It’s also extremely compact and stylish thanks to its Italian design and manufacture.

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Posted on 18-Jul-2018