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Even backwash of filter Web 150x150 News Achieving even backwash across a drinking water media filterWhen it comes to filtering drinking water, it goes without saying that the stakes are high. Consumers rightly expect safe and clean drinking water, and facilities need to know their systems are reliable. So when a water treatment facility recently undertook a major refurbishment, routine testing of their filtration system showed cause for concern. A more
V12SM mobile dust controller Web 150x150 News Flexible, autonomous dust suppression unit that’s ready to go  Dust can’t be suppressed without water but many sites don’t have easy access to a water supply. So what do you do?   Italian company EMiControls recently launched its latest model – the autonomous V12sm Dust Controller which is mounted to a specially designed trailer with integrated water tank.   The unit looks like more
Ramex Foaming System 150x150 News The latest foaming technology – more foam, better sanitationOne of the greatest challenges of foam cleaning is generating enough foam to effectively cling to various surfaces for the dwell time required by the sanitising and cleaning chemicals. Now this issue can be overcome with the latest satellite foamer from Ramex available from Tecpro Australia. The Italian designed and manufactured 7802 Foamer has been more
Decoding the differences in filter nozzles 150x150 News Filter Nozzles – Decoding the differences‘You get what you pay for’, the old adage goes. And when it comes to your investment in filter nozzles, saving money with a cheap product now could well cost you a fortune later. With cheaply made, poorly designed filter nozzles entering the market, the differences between products may not initially be obvious, but they more
Lightweight Foam Gun 150x150 News New Foam Spray Gun – No Air RequiredTypically compressed air is required to produce foam during wash-down when using sterilising agents and cleaners. But for small areas or applications where this type of cleaning is seldom required, it’s hard to justify the expense of installing compressed air lines. Now there is a new type of Foam Spray Gun that eliminates the need more
Humi Food 150x150 News Longer shelf life for fresh producePreserving shelf life is critical to selling fresh foods and produce at the highest possible margins. The problem is meat, fish, fruits and vegetables can lose up to half their weight in a very short time due to dehydration. Now there is a compact and energy efficient hydration system that’s prolonging freshness for up to more
XTL Filter Nozzle Assembly Image 150x150 News New Filter Nozzle Anchor makes nozzle fitment easy from the top side of filter floor. No need to have a second person to fit retaining nutInstalling filter nozzles to a filter with limited underfloor space has always been problematic up till now! Tecpro Australia is pleased to announce the release of a new design of filter nozzle assembly, with an integral anchor which ensures the nozzles can be securely installed from the top side of the filter floor. The new more
Lightweight Baby Spray Guns 150x150 News Tough but tiny! Introducing the Baby Hose GunIn many situations, designing a durable product means creating a heavy product. But that’s not the case with the very lightweight “Baby” series of Hose Guns. At only 370 grams, they are super lightweight while being very hard wearing. The Baby Hose Guns are ideal for small wash-down areas, cleaning teams with large numbers of more
Fake RB65 wash down gun 1 150x150 News Fake RB65 wash-down guns compromise safety and reliability!As valued customers, we’d like to bring to your attention that an inferior lookalike RB65 wash down gun has reached the Australian market. These guns look similar to the RB65, but are cheaply manufactured with poor quality engineering and construction, leading to usability and reliability problems. Please note that there are key differences when you more
Pre cooling Air Conditioning Systems 150x150 News Improve your cooling system’s efficiencyAccording to a report prepared by the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology, Australia is experiencing more extreme heat conditions more frequently. This trend is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. For Australian businesses, the associated increase in cooling costs is predicted to adversely affect their bottom line. But there is a solution. High more

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