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ovoid tank mixing eductor 150x150 News New tank mixing eductor requires less space to deliver greater mixing powerMixing tanks come in a variety of sizes and for small and shallow tanks it can be challenging to find a mixing eductor that fits. But now there’s a solution with the introduction of a new ovoid-shaped eductor. Better yet, the space saving design does not compromise on performance and can reduce energy consumption due more
Disinfection Tunnel Web 150x150 News Automatic disinfection system at workplace entrances helps keep staff and visitors safeAs we start to return to work and school with concerns about a second wave, there is a new disinfection system available to protect staff and visitors as they enter your premises. New from Italy is the Disinfection Tunnel. It’s a temporary outdoor awning that extends from your regular building entrance. Its purpose is to more
CURT Automated Dust Control Case Study 1 Web 150x150 News Automated Dust Control Protects Personnel & Sensitive Environmental AreasSome of the world’s most pristine environmental areas are located near huge mineral wealth. This can present significant operational challenges. But it’s just been made a little easier with a new, highly sophisticated software system that controls and monitors dust suppression equipment and odour suppression equipment – all from a PC in a centralised control more
V12So Disinfection Cannon Web 150x150 News Disinfect large areas like warehouses, factories and playgroundsWhile there’s always been a need to protect large areas from bacteria, viruses and fungi, the COVID-19 outbreak has heightened the need for an efficient disinfection system to cleanse areas such as warehouses, factories, playgrounds, outdoor fitness areas and other large areas where people gather. One solution for large area disinfecting, is the V12So Disinfection more
Retracting Electric Cable Reels web 150x150 News Retracting Power Cable Reels – Keeping your workshop safe and tidyEven with the best of forward planning, workshop and garage power points never seem to be where you need them. So out comes the extension cord with the risk of trips, slips and falls – not to mention a messy looking work environment and potential damage to the cord. To solve this problem, Ramex Italy more
Dry Fog Disinfection 150x150 News Help stop the spread of COVID-19 with mobile dry fog disinfection unitYou’ve probably seen footage of spray disinfection systems being used in Europe and some parts of Asia to help fight the highly contagious COVID-19 infection. But did you know, these systems are also available here in Australia? Using “Dry Fog” technology, the AE-T portable dry fog humidifier by AKIMist® from Japan, will sanitise and disinfect more
IDA3 Vehicle Disinfection System 150x150 News Disinfection System providing bio-security protectionThere’s no debate regarding how tough it is for Australian farmers at the moment. With environmental factors putting livelihoods at risk, the last thing any primary producer, breeding farm, food manufacturer or processing plant needs is a bio-security threat. Yet, you could be at risk. Vehicles transporting livestock, crops or raw materials between farms, factories more
Ramex Composite Hose Reel Web 150x150 News Attention plumbers! Stop wasting time manually rewinding your hoseHave you ever considered the amount of time you spend manually rewinding your high pressure hose? Let’s say it takes you 7 minutes a day and you work 48 weeks a year. That’s 28 hours a year. Now imagine what you could do with those 28 hours. Then there’s the effort involved in manually rewinding more
Blue Princess SS Washdown Gun web 150x150 News Low Flow, Lightweight & FDA Approved Water GunAvailable in stainless steel or a brass and stainless steel combo, the Blue Princess washdown gun uses 26% less water than regular washdown guns. It’s also lightweight – a real benefit for cleaning teams where washdown guns are constantly in use. But don’t be misled by its dainty name. The Blue Princess washdown gun is more
A30R IBC Cleaner 150x150 News Perfect for cleaning IBCs & Small TanksIf your business relies on IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) or small tanks, you will want to know about a new, compact and highly efficient IBC cleaner. By using the cleaning water to drive rotation, the new A30R Hydrokinetic IBC Cleaner doesn’t require oil or grease. This provides 2 vital advantages over other IBC cleaners: By more

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