Marina Fuel Hose Reels

Case Studies

Situation:Birken Head Point Marina Hose Reels Web 225x300 Marina Fuel Hose Reels

Enlisting the help of Moore Management, Mirvac undertook an upgrade and expansion project on its Marina at Birkenhead Point in Sydney NSW, including their refueling wharf.


The fuel wharf consists of 3 diesel and 3 premium unleaded fuel bowsers. They needed an aesthetically pleasing, safe and functional way of transferring the fuel from the bowsers to the fuel tanks of the various boats utilising their refueling service. The solution needed to be corrosion resistant, suitable for flammable liquids, safe and easy for marina staff to use.


Tecpro Australia recommended using diesel and ATEX hose reels so that fuel hoses could be stored safely whilst not in use. Due to the salty marine environment, the reels were constructed completely from 316 Stainless Steel to help fight off corrosion and give the longest possible life in these harsh conditions.


There have been glowing reports received about its attractive looks and its efficient refueling capabilities. Marina manager Phil McGowen states that “The reels are excellent, easy to use by all of our staff, neat and tidy, professional. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Posted on 21-Oct-2017