IDA3 Vehicle Disinfection Pre-order Special

IDA3 1 IDA3 Vehicle Disinfection Pre order Special

How critical is the bio-security of your farm? What systems do you have in place to protect your livestock and your livelihood from the spread of infectious disease?

IDA3 is a modular system for the disinfection of vehicles and chassis to help prevent the spread of disease and viruses onto animal breeding farms and is the ideal solution for farms that need to comply with various rigorous health and hygiene standards. The system is easy to assemble at your farm gate, with no need for special tools.

Pre-order your IDA3 in the month of February for just $8993.00 + GST + Delivery. That is 20% off!

IDA3 3 1 IDA3 Vehicle Disinfection Pre order Special
  1. Nebulization line with 17 nozzles. 3/4″ galvanized pipes. Range of 1.1m with 80° spray angle.
  2. Frame Kit – supporting structure from 2″ galvanized pipes.
  3. Steel braided flexible hose, 1/2″ 10m length.
  4. Pump unit – Water supply 20 L/min 8 bar pressure, electrical system 3x400V-50Hz with pressure switch and inlet solenoid. Includes dosing pump kit for disinfection chemical mixing.
  5. Photocell to activate the system automatically.
IDA3 2 1024x720 IDA3 Vehicle Disinfection Pre order Special