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Achieving even backwash across a drinking water media filter

When it comes to filtering drinking water, it goes without saying that the stakes are high. Consumers rightly expect safe and clean drinking water, and facilities need to know their systems are reliable. So when a water treatment facility recently undertook a major refurbishment, routine testing of their filtration system showed cause for concern. A

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Birkenhead Point 316 Stainless Steel Fuel Hose Reels

Marina Fuel Hose Reels

Situation: Enlisting the help of Moore Management, Mirvac undertook an upgrade and expansion project on its Marina at Birkenhead Point in Sydney NSW, including their refueling wharf. Problem: The fuel wharf consists of 3 diesel and 3 premium unleaded fuel bowsers. They needed an aesthetically pleasing, safe and functional way of transferring the fuel from the

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ILMAP Sand Filter Nozzles

Water Corporation 30 year old filter refurbishment

Situation: Western Australia Water Corporation needed to refurbish a 30 year old water treatment facility. They were happy with the filters performance so an exact match to the old nozzles was preferred. Problem: The original nozzles were no longer available and alternatives which were available would have resulted in difference performance from the filter. Solution:

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Replacing 60 year old nozzles on a navy vessel

  Situation: The Australian Navy was undertaking a refurbishment of one of its ships which was built in the 1950’s. Part of the refurbishment included replacing the systems fire spray nozzles and chemical defense spray nozzles.   Problem: The 60 year old nozzles were a custom design to suit a specific application and were no

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Dramatic dust suppression in underground coal mine

Situation: Centennial Coal’s Mandalong mine produces 5.5 million tonnes of coal each year from its underground Newcastle coal fields. Coal production typically produces a lot of dust creating a health hazard for mine operators. Problem: At the point where the coal drops from the crusher into the underground bin, a substantial amount of dust was

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Ineffective truck wash’s award winning overhaul

Situation: Concrete dust during truck loading is a real issue for concrete plants around Australia. It is important for the environment that none of the dust leaves the concrete plants and so it is a requirement that transport vehicles are washed after loading. Problem: Sunstate cement produces over 1.5 million tonnes of cement each year

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Misting system eliminates odours at waste treatment facility

Situation: Waste recycling and waste recovering odour can sometimes be a real problem, however, it is one that can be solved, as was recently proven at a new trap waste facility at Dubbo NSW. Problem: The waste facility treats greasy liquid waste from local businesses. There was a very unpleasant odour within the building, which

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Jeff Hill Dust Suppression

Dust Suppression Solution For Building Material Recycling Plant

Situation: A suburban Sydney building material recycling plant needed to reduce the amount of dust which was being carried by the wind, onto adjoining properties. Problem: Existing dust suppression systems were inadequate and unreliable.  Existing nozzles were often ineffectively located and produced water droplets which were too big to attract dust particles. Nozzles were often

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PS PR Large Capacity Tangential Hollow Cone

Gas Scrubbing Problem Reduced at Port Kembla Copper

Situation: Port Kembla Copper needed to reduce an excessive amount of acid being carried with gases out of the cooling tower into mist collectors. There was more acid than the collectors could cope with and they were overflowing. Problem: The spray droplet size was too fine. Cooling spray discharge at the top of the tower

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Waza nozzle

Custom Designed Nozzle Helps Improves Output at Local Mini Mill

Situation: The Mini Mill (OneSteel) were revamping their Billet Casting process to increase both production, dimensional consistency, and reduced scale on the billet. Effective cooling sprays were seen as a key factor in achieving this. Problem: Improving water filtration, delivery and pressure was relatively straightforward. However, no standard spray nozzles would provide the desired spray

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Abrasivejet / Waterjet Cutting Head Saves Garnet for Laser Wizard

Situation: A new water jet cutting head was required because the old, unreliable one was coming to the end of it’s life. Problem: How to differentiate between different cutting heads? It appears that all cutting heads perform similarly. Solution: The unique H2O JET waterjet cutting head nozzle assembly was supplied by Tecpro Australia.  The people

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