Bushfire Protection

Due to Australia’s dry hot summer, bush fires pose a serious threat every year and in some areas it is a government requirement that properties be fitted with suitable protection in the event of a bush fire.

Tecpro Australia has extensive experience in the design and supply of bush fire protection systems for properties and businesses in bush fire prone areas and those in close proximity to bush land. We have a range of nozzles which have been tested in real conditions and have, in some instances assisted in saving properties from destruction.

The most common system we recommend involves a series of KHW wide angled fan nozzles mounted under the eaves, spaced at 2-3 meters around the perimeter of the house, spraying back towards the building to create a barrier for grass fires. These are combined with RCY nozzles mounted along the roof ridge line which cover a diameter of approx 7 meters to protect against flying embers.

Bushfire protection nozzles web 1 Bushfire Protection

Roof mounted bushfire protection nozzles in operation

Bushfire protection nozzles web 2 Bushfire Protection

Eave mounted bushfire protection sprays in operation

We recommend the nozzles are installed with copper piping rather than poly to avoid the risk of the supply lines melting under extreme heat. We also suggest supplying the nozzles via a diesel pump to ensure it is able to operate in case of power outage.

When maintained and kept free of bugs and blockages and used in conjunction flame proof window screens and regular maintenance of gutters and surrounding yard including removing dry leaves and other potential fuel sources you can ensure you are doing everything within your means to protect your property.

Bushfire protection nozzles web 4 Bushfire Protection

Eave mounted nozzles

Bushfire protection nozzles web 5 Bushfire Protection

Roof mounted bushfire nozzles








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