GF – Self Cleaning


The self-cleaning design of the GF series nozzles allow an easy maintenance of cleaning spray bars and shower headers. The nozzle body contains a mobile piston whose opening and closure is operated by the water pressure. For example, when nozzles wash mesh fabrics with an operating pressure of 3 bar, this pressure is higher than a spring force of 1 bar. Piston and nozzle body come close producing a flat fan spray. If the inlet pressure is reduced to 0.5 bar, lower than a spring force of 1 bar, piston and nozzle body separate opening to the maximum distance. Water pressure remains at 0.5 bar and removes any build up when back to normal condition. In a word, to clean these nozzles it’s sufficient to reduce pressure to avoid the accumulation of dirt inside. GF self-cleaning nozzles are easy to install, align and clean ensuring relevant time and costs savings. The spring force is set depending on customer’s plant working pressure.

Spray Angle: 0 – 80°
Capacity: 1.0-13.9 L/min (3 bar)
Materials: AISI 316L

Typical applications – washing or spraying in pulp and paper mills, mesh fabrics cleaning, water treatment systems, and many more.

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