Spray Dry Nozzle S3

Spray Dry Nozzle Series 3


  • Type, size and service life identical to original
  • No difference in your drying process using our nozzles
  • Highest grades of raw material tungsten carbide
  • Delivery from stock at competitive prices


Product Description

Nozzle series 3 is a simplified version of nozzle series 1. The nozzle consists of two, or at most three, tungsten carbide wear parts. The orifice disc can be used with a combined swirl chamber or alternatively with a swirl chamber without end plate together with a square end plate. The tungsten carbide wear parts are interchangeable with the wear parts for nozzle series 1. The only difference is that the nozzles in series 1 use a round end plate instead of a square one.

This nozzle series can be used with our Superior High Pressure Atomizing Nozzle but we also supply the original body and adapter parts.

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