AE – Flanged Nozzle


AE type nozzles are designed to deliver large and very large capacity values from 384 l/min to 3842 l/min at 0.5 bar. The carefully designed slotted vane offers uniform spray distribution and perfect performance even with very low inlet pressure values. Compared to other large nozzles, the upper flange reduces the length of nozzles and offers fast and safe ways to install.

Connection: 80mm to 250mm flange
Spray angle: 90°, 120°
Capacity: 940 – 9410 L/min
Material: Carbon Steel, AISI 316L, Cast Iron

Typical applications
Cooling: Coke quench tower scrubber system, exhaust gas cooling, high-temperature cooling
Cleaning: Desulfuration, exhaust scrubbers

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